Hi! 👋 I'm
Rahul Tyagi

Newsletter Writer, No-code Creator;
Former software engineer
with experience building scalable Digital apps.
Also passionate about product development, User experience & Improving conversions, Artificial Intelligence and Building stuff with nocode tech. 📈 🎯Love to Audit SaaS & Digital Products landing pages for UI, UX, Functionality & Minimal design language. ❤️

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I run two bite-sized newsletters, with the aim to provide more value without taking much of your inbox time.
Based on your interest, I'm sure you would love one of them. 🤷😉

My Tech Stack

I have multiple projects going on in form of newsletters, info products, websites, landing pages, and email marketing tools, check out the toolset we use for our business.

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Info Products & Resources

Often I publish free and paid resources, to help you win in the creator economy.Here are some combos to provide you with ultimate value. 🤑👇

Consultation Services

With my experience and expertise, I help Creators, saas owners & Small businesses elevate their brands with my service offers.Check out all my services offer below 👇

My Story

They say pointers are quick to read through,
so here are some more things you 'might' want to know about my work life and experiences 👇

Hi again! 👋Here are some highlights of my work history since 2014 :

  • Graduated in 2014

  • Started my career as a Technical Support Executive at IBM in Aug 2014.

  • Joined Adobe systems as social media support executive in Jan 2015 and quit in Jan 2016.

  • Done with support roles, i thought of following my passion for building software. Joined an iOS course to learn how to develop iOS apps.

  • Got my first internship in April 2016 and Worked my way up as a senior iOS Developer II by 2020.

  • Left my career after I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and survived brain surgery in March 2020.

  • I Spent Jan 2021 - Jan 2023 learning, failing, and experimenting on a lot of stuff outside my corporate roles in the past - mostly about building digital products, communities, and solo businesses with info products + Services portfolios.

  • Now Working on those learnings to build something awesome! Also looking for product-related jobs to restart my corporate career.

30 Minutes. Let's talk business.

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Creators Leverage Newsletter

A 'bite-sized newsletter' to help you build, promote, sell digital products & services
leveraging strategies, systems & inspiration.
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AI Trends.fyi

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Here's the Tech stack we use :

Knowledgebase & Planner


I extensively use Notion as part of my workflow on a daily basis.Here's what I like about Notion :

  • Curate and Organise content in a more visual way with bookmarks and embeds

  • Use Notion for journaling /brainstorming

  • Use Notion as a knowledgebase to share with customers or even internal team

  • If you are a small team, you can use Notion for your project palnning as well

Landing pages & Websites


We use Carrd to build standalone landing pages that help us validate new project ideas.Here's what we like about carrd :

  • Templates to get started real quick when you have no clue where to start and how to design.

  • Responsive design

  • Signup forms integration with popular email marketing platforms

  • Stripe Integration to sell digital products/services

  • Animation support for individual elements

  • Affordable pricing Plans for new creators.


I use payhip to sell our digital products & services.Here's what I like about Payhip :

  • Sell Digital Products, services, courses & memberships using payhip.

  • Easy website builder with content blocks

  • Custom domain integration for your online store.

  • Online course with Audio, video lessons, quizzes, and more premium features.

  • Stripe Integration for payments and payouts.

Newsletter & Email Marketing


I use mailer lite for professional email marketing campaigns.Here's what I like about Mailerlite :

  • Inbuilt Landing pages, signup forms features for lead generation.

  • Connect stripe to sell products/services from your landing page.

  • Email Automation sequences for customer onboarding & lead nurturing.

  • Affordable pricing plans that are beginner friendly.


I use beehiiv for sending out weekly beehiiv :Here's what I like about Mailerlite :

  • Beehiiv has an awesome post Editor that is very flexible when it comes to creating email newsletters.

  • Monetization support with paid subscriptions and ads sponsorship revenue models.

  • Referral program & newsletter recommendations to grow your newsletters.

Social Proof - Testimonials


I use Senja.io to show social proof on my websites and landing pages.
Here's what I like about Senja.io :

  • Lightweight plugin that you can embed on the website.

  • Zapier integration & custom domain

Active Consultation Offers

Landing page/ Website / App - UI , UX & Functional Audit

I Love to Audit SaaS / Digital Products/apps landing pages and websites for UI, UX, Functionality & Minimalistic design language.I can help you turn the bad User experience on your saas/app into an awesome user experience that users love and appreciate.Check out the complete offer details below 👇

'Do it for you' Services

Personal Branding & Portfolio Service

I recently redesigned my entire portfolio website and my social profiles. I can do the same for you and help you elevate your personal brand to grow your online brand and business.

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The '48- hour SaaS Audit' Offer

We Audit SaaS Websites & Apps to help first time founders understand how they can fix their product design language, User Experience, functionality and more to improve user conversion & retention metrics for their business.

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Less Bugs.
More Usability.
Consistent Design Language.
Improved User Experience.
Less iterations for you.

What is '48 hour SaaS Audit'?

A comprehensive analysis of your saas website or app covering various aspects like User Interface, Design language, functionality, Usability, and User experience.This service is aimed to help you reduce time, efforts and iterations to get the results you desire.

How this 48 hour Audit can help your business :

I take into account your target audience, their user journey, business goals, etc in addition to analyzing your product to improve my report and maximize results for you.

  • Identify and fix issues in user experience that may be driving away potential customers

  • Discover how you can improve your design language to bring consistency & coherence to your User Interface Design

  • Get insights from a first-time visitor perspective to 'improve conversions & reduce bounce rate'

  • Thorough testing to find areas of functional improvement and reduce bugs.

  • Better CTA suggestions for improved conversions.

  • Suggestions to improve User Onboarding, Engagements, Retention and other essential metrics.

Here's what you get with '48 hour SaaS Consultation' :

  • A detailed Excel report outlining the functional bugs, User interface issues, invalid links, and UX improvement opportunities, etc for your web app, landing page, or mobile app.

  • Prioritized list of improvements that can be made to increase user engagement, conversion rates, and overall user satisfaction. (If any)

  • Expert advice and guidance to help you implement the recommended improvements to your web app, landing page or mobile app.

  • You can opt for Regular follow-up sessions to ensure that the improvements made are delivering the desired results and to provide ongoing support and guidance.

  • One-hour consultation call to discuss the report and answer any questions you may have

48 hours.
100% Money Back Gaurantee.

Risk-free offer! 🤝

I value my clients and their satisfaction is my top priority.I am committed to providing exceptional service and guaranteeing your satisfaction with our Functional & UX Audit.If for any reason you are not satisfied with my service, I offer a 48-hour money-back guarantee after delivering the report.

How It Works?

  • Discovery Call: We'll get on a call and discuss your SaaS Website/app to understand your vision, business goals for the next two quarters, your target audience, and current approach towards building your product.

  • Assessment & Analysis: If there's a fit, I will conduct a comprehensive UX, UI, and functional audit of your application, analyzing areas for improvement and potential areas of user frustration.

  • Report & Recommendations: I'll provide a detailed report outlining my findings and recommendations for optimizing your application's user experience, interface design, and functionality.

  • Review & Follow-up: You can opt for a follow-up review and we can get on a call again to review the improvements made, and possibly discuss next course of action for your product growth.

Take the First Step.

Book a free Discovery Call with me. 👇

Personal Branding & Portfolio Building Website Service

Here's how a personal branding website can help you :

  • Share your Work Portfolio with your business clients and leave a lasting impression.

  • Share Proof of Work - all in one place.

  • Share testimonials you have received and build instant credibility

  • Offer free and paid consultation services and monetize your work.

  • Sell Digital Products/services and memberships.

I understand your business model and your goals and build you a website that you can leverage to sell Products/services or even memberships.

Here's what you gonna get :

  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals, objectives, and target audience.

  • Custom website design with your choice of colors, fonts, and images.

  • Up to 5 website pages, including a homepage, about page, services page, portfolio page, and contact page.

  • Integration with your social media profiles to boost your online presence.

  • Mobile responsive design to ensure your website looks great on any device.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to help your website rank higher in search engine results.

  • 2 rounds of revisions to make sure you are completely satisfied with the final product.

Here's what others have to say about working with me 👇

Here's how it's gonna work :

  • Consultation: I'll schedule a call or video chat to get to know you and your brand, and understand your goals and vision for your personal branding portfolio.

  • Content Collection: I'll gather all necessary information and materials from you, such as your resume, work samples, and any other relevant information.

  • Design & Development: I will create a personalized, professional portfolio website that showcases your unique brand and highlights your skills and accomplishments.

  • Review & Revisions: Once the initial design is complete, I'll send it over to you for review and feedback. I'll make revisions as needed until you're completely satisfied with the final result.

  • Launch & Support: After final approval, I'll launch your new personal branding portfolio website and provide ongoing technical support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Money back Gaurantee

I value my clients and their satisfaction is my top priority.I am committed to providing exceptional service and guaranteeing your satisfaction with our personal branding & Portfolio website service.If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, I offer a 48 hour money-back guarantee.

Book a free consultation with me.